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As a homeowner in Burleson, you are assessed taxes on the value of your property annually. Your property tax bill is a summary of taxes assessed by a number of government entities.

To see how your annual property taxes are allocated among the local government entities, enter your appraised value and select your school district below, and then click the “calculate” button.

Note: This page is for estimation purposes only, and is not designed to calculate the effects of the senior or disabled exemptions or freezes.

Taxable Value County School District Homestead Exemption
Your Total Tax Allocation
EntityTax AmountTax
Burleson ISD$0.001.53830000%
City of Burleson$0.000.71110000%
Tarrant College District$0.000.13017000%
Tarrant County$0.000.23400000%
Tarrant County Hospital District$0.000.22442900%
Tarrant Water District$0.000.02870000%
Total Tax Amount

Your City of Burleson
Property Tax Distribution

Community Development 6.7000% $0.00
Includes Planning, Permits, Engineering, and Economic Development.
Debt Service 14.3300% $0.00
Amount necessarry to service the City's tax-supported debt -- primarily debt used for construction of street, drainage, and parks facilities.
Fire Department 14.3000% $0.00
Fire Department services include fire suppression, community services, emergency medical services, and training. The Department operates two engines, two ladder trucks, and a command vehicle from three stations.
General Government 15.6000% $0.00
General Government comprises the City Manager's Office, City Secretary, and City Council departments along with internal service departments like Finance and Human Resources.
Library 2.9000% $0.00
The Burleson Public Library is a Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) accredited public library designed to provide library materials, programs, and services to enhance the educational, informational, recreational, and civic life of the residents of the larger community.
Other Public Safety 4.8000% $0.00
Includes Fire Marshal, Emergency Services, Animal Control, and Municipal Court.
Parks & Recreation 4.8000% $0.00
The Parks & Recreation Department is responsible for planning and maintaining parks facilities and programs including special events and senior activities. The operation of the Burleson Recreation Center (BRiCk) and Chisenhall Fields are not included here, as they do not receive a property tax subsidy.
Police Department 24.1000% $0.00
The Police Department, under the direction of the Chief of Police, develops and implements programs to prevent and deter crime and enforce laws in order to protect life and property within the City of Burleson.
Public Works 11.1000% $0.00
Includes Public Works Administration, Street Maintenance, Traffic, and Drainage Maintenance.